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Remember, this Marketplace is YOURS! It is only as effective as you make to be. So get active today! Send in your offers, your profile, your requirements, and we will help you reach the world!! This is your Marketplace, so make it work for you!!
The Marketplace is now providing much more information about opportunities offered in other UN languages especially French and Spanish. You just have to click on the button on the front page called "Opportunities in other languages" and you are there!
UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace
Are you a native Spanish speaker and need an internship of class and quality. Take a look at this! I might just be what you are hunting for!!
Internship opportunities
UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace
This is a great opportunity to get very valued experience in working with United Nations and the UNCCD in particular. Don't miss this opportunity!!
You may have noticed that over the last two months the Capacity Building Marketplace have been going through some changes. Yes, we are pleased to inform you that we have been updating the Marketplace to make it easier for you, the real owners of this Marketplace to use it. We have added some new features all intended to make it easier for you to interact on the Marketplace. We invite to to explore this new interface where we now offer even more o…

The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) Capacity Building Marketplace is an exchange platform for those seeking and offering knowledge, training and opportunities related to the UNCCD’s mandate regarding the issues of capacity building. These resources are helpful for anyone working toward land degradation neutrality (LDN).

The Capacity Building Marketplace supports students, grassroots movements, professionals, researchers, civil society organizations (CSOs), farmers’ organizations and the general public to develop their full potential regarding sustainable land management practices to address drought and land degradation.

The Marketplace addresses the creation, strengthening and building of capacity as it relates to mitigation and adaptation to drought and desertification in concrete ways.

Here on the Marketplace you can:

  • Share and find experiences and new ideas
  • Increase your knowledge and skills
  • Be informed about capacity building efforts globally
  • Directly influence the Marketplace’s future content

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please contact UNCCD Capacity Building Officer, Richard Byron-Cox via email rbyroncox [at] or phone +49 2288 152 827.

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