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Winners of the Video Competition !!!!

The UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace congratulates the Winners and thanks all the participants for their valuable contribution in making this competition a grand success !

Thank you for Voting !!! As per the public voting, we have 2 winners in each category.

Category - "Projects, Actions and Activities"

(for actions and achievements, as well as new and innovative ideas and projects)

First Prize winner: Mr. David Alonso Mesa Montaña for the Video "Terrazas para la Vida"

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Mi recorrido en los temas ambientales empezó desde mis años en el colegio, en ríos y páramos de las montañas de los Andes, en Colombia, y mas adelante con mis estudios en ingeniería y una maestría en sostenibilidad global, donde investigué parte de los impactos socio-ambientales de algunas industrias extractivas en Boyacá, Colombia. Ahora, quiero continuar con el arte audiovisual para mostrar el patrimonio natural y los servicios ecosistémicos de la región, para buscar su protección.  
Agradezco a Agrosolidaria Colombia, por permitirnos participar en la construcción de terrazas de cultivo, para apoyar la Agricultura Familiar Campesina
y a la UNCCD por fomentar el desarrollo de las artes audiovisuales, para documentar los esfuerzos que se realizan a nivel internacional, en la prevención de la desertificación. 


Second Prize winner: Mr. Davou William Gilbert for the video "Gyero Tree Planting Project"

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Driven by the desire to see a sustainable, cleaner environment, Davou Williams recreates his vision through graphic designs for his community and the world to see and embrace. Davou is a graduate of Mass Communication from the prestigious University of Jos, Plateau State Nigera. And the Communication officer of Centre for Earth Works (CFEW).



Category -  "Awareness Raising"

(to sensitize people and raise public awareness on environmental issues)

First Prize winner: Mr. Ghaamid Abdulbasat for the video "We are in Need of Nature"

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I've been so motivated regarding the environmental issues going on all over the world and so brought me to the Movement(To combat desertification) especially the issue of Climate Change and its effects, which obviously so many people all over the world are not aware of. I wish one day people will get a clear understanding on the issue of Climate change and desertification and  ways to combat it for the current and the future generation as well.


Second Prize winner: Ms. Joy Ogoma Abraham & Mr. Kenneth Mek  for the  video "World water day CMP"

Ms. Joy Ogoma Abraham

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Joy Ogoma Abraham is a multi-talented lady who combines her long years of experience as a mathematician  and writer to advocate in the course of environmental challenge for a greener world. Passion drove her into participation in the enlightenment of over 200 teenagers and the planting of trees across Plateau State-Nigeria, on the platform of 'Centre for Earth Works' (CFEW).

Mr. Kenneth Mek

Image removed.Kenneth Mek is a graduate of mass communication from the Amadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria. He loves travelling and exploring nature. Hiking happens to be one of the most outstanding ways he connects with nature. Access to Water, sanitation and hygiene has been a major societal challenge. Over 57 million people in Nigeria do not have access to safe water. I envision a clean and healthy environment where young people sustianably achieve their full potential, this led to his involvement with 'Centre for earth Works' (CFEW), a youth led organisation passionate about securing the earth.



Please stay tuned to the Marketplace for information about future events and activities.