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Taxonomies and standard fields for search

Taxonomies and standard fields for search

The SKBP Search Module is designed as a portal for aggregated search. In order to provide this service, it brings together information from various sources and in various formats. For an effective aggregated search the information harvested from the content partners needs to be mapped and normalized. Through the business rules in Aspire all data from the content sources is enriched, using structured terminology, in order to be channeled into the aggregated search in a uniform way.

The fields in the source databases are mapped into a limited set of standard fields for the aggregated search. The content in those fields (for example dates, countries, languages, etc.) is normalized to allow for an aggregated search, and to ensure a uniform presentation.

Aggregated search and detailed (source specific) search

The user-interface allows for a search through all sources, using the aggregated and normalized content fields. A limited number of facets is available for this and only the standard SKBP fields are available for an aggregated search of all sources.

For every source connected through the SKBP a detailed search can be made available, using a search form and search facets that are specific for that source. For this the SKBP database also includes a number of source specific fields.

SKBP standard fields

The following fields have been identified as the standard SKBP database fields for aggregated search. All newly connected content sources will be harmonized to include at least the minimum number of database fields from the SKBP standard, and the business rules are designed to harmonize the database values to the SKBP standard values.


Harmonization of content

For every new partner to be connected, a database analysis must be carried out of the structure and content of the database to be harvested. This analysis requires detailed knowledge of the SKBP and the partner’s content, and must be done by the SKBP team in close collaboration with the partner.

Fields must be identified to be mapped to the SKBP standard fields, and business rules must be set up to normalize the harvested content to comply with the allowed values for those fields. The normalization is essential for providing a meaningful search, and requires a thorough knowledge of the partners’ content.

Selection of content

Since not all the content of all partners is equally relevant, for every partner fields and values must be defined to allow for effective and meaningful filtering of content in the harvesting process. These filters must designed by the SKBP team in close collaboration with the partners, and implemented in the business rules.