Soil Leadership Academy

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Soil Leadership Academy

Policy tools are used by the Parties in order to align with the UNCCDs mandate and policy direction. As one of the primary functions of the Convention, policy tools developed by the UNCCD and its Partners provide a solid foundation for the mitigation of issues including land degradation neutrality (LDN); drought, land degradation and desertification (DLDD) and sustainable land management (SLM).

The Soil Leadership Academy (SLA) is a public-private partnership affiliated with the UNCCD that provides solutions and LDN policy-simulation services to interested Parties, particularly those closely connected to the policy-making processes. The SLA provides information to those in need of assistance in policy creation by using a policy-cycle template and simulation in order to develop effective solutions for the LDN initiative.

The Soil Leadership Academy provides goal-oriented decision-makers with concrete insights needed to advance land degradation neutrality. The Academy enables participants to become high achievers in reaching several SDG targets and outlines how to leverage land assets effectively to succeed in economic and social areas. The SLA creates opportunities for transformational learning and cooperation for high-level public and private decision makers and enables the international community to discover social, economic and environmental implications of scaling up SLM practices.

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