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Research suggests better management of dry forests may reduce malnutrition and improve food security.
In fact drought is extremely serious problem in the Arab region, and will increase causing serious threat, keeping in mind that all Arab countries are suffering from fragility of their ecosystems, and facing severe risks of depletion of soil, vegetation, and water resources on daily basis.
Agricultural value chains in Sub-Saharan Africa. From a development challenge to a business opportunity . Job creation is one of SSA’s top challenges and agriculture accounts for over half of total employment.(January 15 )
Genetic diversity a hidden tool in coping with climate change (FAO). Knowledge of agricultural genetic resources needs to grow more quickly because of the critical role they have to play in feeding the world as climate change advances faster than expected.(January 19th 2015)
The new tool REsource offers the best available data and information on renewable energy which is now
Renewable Energy in the Water, Energy & Food Nexus- A new IRENA report, says that integrating renewable energy in the agrifood supply chain alone could help to rein in cost volatility, bolster energy security, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to long-term food sustainability (January 3…
Left unchecked, Western Diets could derail climate action. If current consumption trends continue, with meat consumption in emerging and developing countries increasing but remaining considerably below Western levels, we will stay on track for a global temperature rise of two degrees. (January 30 20…
Building cross cutting skills and landscapes knowledge for effective youth leadership" Global Landscapes Forum youth organising committee final report
Doing business with nature: opportunities from natural capital aims to lay out the challenges and opportunities of companies whose future growth depends on a healthy and sustained supply of nature’s goods and its services (natural capital).
Why climate researchers are so excited about landscapes....? In the recently published book, Climate-Smart Landscapes: Multifunctionality In Practice
UNCCD Library Book of the month: Soil Atlas 2015: Facts and figures about earth, land and fields (March 17 2015)
The planet is facing a 40% shortfall in water supply by 2030, unless we dramatically improve the management of this precious resource
Land and soil are limited natural resources essential to all human life. One of the major environmental challenges facing Europe is an increasing demand for development, which threatens these ecosystem services, such as water recycling and purification, carbon storage, and food and fuel — as well as…
Land is a valuable and limited resource. Better integration of land use impacts needed across EU policies
The 2016 Adaptation Finance Gap Report explores the costs of meeting adaptation needs and assesses the funding that is available for meeting those needs.
The new IFPRI report analyzes food policy developments in 2015, assesses challenges and opportunities for the coming year, and investigates the role of food systems in achieving multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)among which the SDG15.
The new report warns that the region's burgeoning cities may not be adequately equipped to tackle urban disasters that occur more frequently and with greater intensity.
New Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas (GSBA) offers amazing photos, maps, charts, statistics, and shared information that scientists, educators, policy makers, and non-specialists alike can use as a toolkit for knowing and understanding soil biodiversity globally.
The hottest year on record, 2015, has confirmed that weather and climate-related disasters now dominate disaster trends linked to natural hazards, according to a new analysis presented today 11 February 2016.
Land matters. It is worthy putting it as bluntly as that. It feeds and nourishes us. It provides fuel to warm us and the home we live in. Its loss is a real world driver and amplifier of instability. Humans will fight to defend their land and kill to grab enough land for their needs.
Land provides humans with the means to live, and from the first steps tread upon it, has been a patient provider of vital resources.
With an increasing awareness of the potential of land to meet public and private development goals, land is being seen as an ever more attractive investment vehicle.
April 23 - World Book and Copyright Day- an opportunity to recognize the power of books to change our lives for the better.
What is land degradation and why it matters for business? Is degraded land an under performing asset?