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Silvo-pastoralism: Orchard with integrated grazing and fodder production


This silvo-pastoral system serves multiple purposes: it increases land productivity with the establishment of fruit trees, supports land conservation by limiting livestock to certain areas, reduces water runoff, and improved soil moisture and water retention (especially in areas on high slopes.

The integrated orchard with pastureland and fodder production is partially fenced to hinder livestock grazing.  Trees are regularly pruned, while the pasture serves as feed for the livestock, with any remaining grass used as cut-and-carry fodder.

Note: For this SLM technology case, the SPI report on Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change refers to: Stephens, M.., Donaghy, P. and Griffiths, J. 2010. Silvopastoralism — an opportunity waiting, Farming Ahead January 2010 No. 216, and Montagnini, F., Muhammad, I. and Murgueitio, E. 2013 Silvopastoral systems and climate change mitigation in Latin America. Bois et forêts des Tropiques, 316 (2).

Orchard with integrated grazing and fodder production