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Split Ranch Grazing Strategy


The Riaan Dames Grazing Strategy, otherwise known as Split-Ranch Grazing (SRG), is a fundamentally-different technology to grazing management in comparison with popular rotational grazing management systems in many western countries. SRG provides a full-year uninterrupted recovery period for rangeland after grazing.

A full year’s rest for the paddock allows maximum uptake of nutrients and maximum storage of these nutrients in deep, strong root systems and crowns, and ensures sustainability. Livestock are maintained in the paddocks planned for grazing until the mid-dry season to ensure that grasses in the rested paddocks have completed root growth.

Note: For this SLM technology case, the SPI report on Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change refers to: Rothauge, A. 2001. An evaluation of open rotational grazing. Agricola,12, 94-98.

Split Ranch Grazing Strategy