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Analyst - Partnerships for Forest

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The Palladium Group is looking for an analyst for its Partnerships for Forest Initiative. The Partnerships for Forests aims to support the emergence of a new investment model in which the public sector, private sector companies and wider communities can achieve better returns from sustainable forestry and land use than they are able to from deforestation and land degradation. The main objective of the programme is to support a set of public-private partnerships (PPPs) and initiatives which demonstrate how the private sector can contribute to a reduction in rates of deforestation, as well as a range of related enabling activities to address the policy environment. Expected results include improved and more sustainable prevention of deforestation, reforestation of degraded land and leverage of private finance. The programme will also aim to support a transformation to sustainability in markets for commodities that are associated with deforestation, including timber, palm oil, soya, beef, paper and board.
This position is a one-year professional development opportunity designed to enable ambitious recent graduates to develop knowledge, skills and competencies required to build a successful career, ideally in the forest protection / governance, sustainable land-use and / or public private partnership (PPP) field.

Please note that the position will be based in Accra, Ghana, and may require regional and international travel!

Analyst, Partnerships for Forest - West and Central Africa