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- [April 2019] Another great experience with young people as we discussed the importance of land!

On 12 April the Team of the Capacity Building Marketplace (CBM) visited the high school students of the CJD Christophorusschule in Königswinter, Germany. The main purpose of this visit was to raise awareness about the importance of engaging the youth in sustainable development and the value of the land to our lives.


The multinational/multicultural CBM Team comprising Anna Berecz (Hungary), Lina Pérez (Colombia), Jorge Sanz (Spain), Raissa Tadia (Cameroon) and Ines Belhous (France) engaged around 80 students between the ages of 15 and 18 on several issues including the importance of proper land management, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the work being done under the Convention, and the opportunities that  the Marketplace offers, such as scholarships, university programs, vacancies, and much more. They also demonstrated through video and stories of personal experiences what it means to be an intern at the UNCCD, and doing daily work at the Marketplace.


The students and professors then participated in interactive talks asking their many questions of the CBM Team. It was explained to them that capacity building is one of the many tools that the UNCCD uses to connect people with opportunities to improve themselves and help the world at the same time.


Many students wanted to know more about the UN in general, while some asked questions about such matters as the effects of drought in Germany. They also did the 'Moringa Challenge' and planted Moringa seeds as one way of trying to have a real impact on the reduction of their everyday footprint on the environment. Moringa is a tree used to combat land degradation because it is resistant to drought, improves soil fertility, grows fast, and helps with food security.


Three of students won the contest 'A Day with the CBM Team', and as a result will spend a day at the UN headquarters interacting with UN staff and observing the work of some of the UN Agencies based in Bonn working on issues related to achieving sustainability and the SDGs.


This event also included an exhibition where materials from the UNCCD library were displayed as well as information about the SDGs Global Festival of Action taking place in May, and the World Day to Combat Desertification to be observed on the 17th of June.


For those that are interested in the full coverage of the event in Königswinter, you can see the videos of the presentations, pictures, and interviews in the link below:

All Videos of the CBM's visit to the CJD Christophorusschule in Königswinter

All pictures of the CBM's visit to the CJD Christophorusschule in Königswinter

This event could not have been possible without the great cooperation of the school’s management team. Therefore, the CBM Team expresses its heartfelt appreciation to the entire CJD Königswinter Christophorusschule. A very special thank you goes out to Ms. Beate Schöndube, Coordinator for the Promotion of Talented and Highly Talented Students, who facilitated the coordination of this experience. A special thanks to all the students who showed interest in and passion for all that was done, and who remained totally engaged throughout the entire exercise. Additionally, the CBM Team is grateful to all who were involved and supported the exercise from the first day of planning to the final execution.


These outreached events are conceptualized, managed, and are generally coordinated by Dr. Richard A. Byron-Cox, UNCCD Capacity Building Officer. If you are interested in having your school be part of this program just let us know by using one of these channels:

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