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Asia–Pacific Forestry Week 2019. Be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

International Tropical Timber Organisation ( ITTO).
Korea, Republic of


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Forests are integral to our lives, providing economic, environmental and social benefits.Forests make vital contributions to both people and the planet providing clean air and water, conserving biodiversity, responding to climate change and supporting livelihoods. ITTO and partners will convene Stream 4, “Promoting Responsible Trade and Markets”, at APFW 2019. The stream will address emerging trends in the trade of, and markets for, timber and timber products, actions to promote legal and sustainable timber, and opportunities and challenges for market access.

APFW 2019 will comprise various workshops, seminars, and other partner events organized along five streams. The Week will provide a venue for a multitude of forestry practitioners across the region to discuss and share views on the most pressing challenges in the forestry sector. APFW 2019 will be supported by various partners and collaborators including governments, NGOs, researchers, academia, and the private sector.

Here are some of the topics that will be discussed during the different streams among others:

  • Restoring our forests and landscape;
  • People and forests living in harmony;
  • Building a resilient environment;
  • Promoting responsible trade and markets;
  • Innovating governance and institutions.


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