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Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture

Curtin University
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Curtin offers Western Australia’s only Bachelor of Agriculture. You will engage in research-led activities, problem-solving and self-directed experiments using field trial site and glasshouse facilities. The course also offers field trips and work placements to ensure you graduate with the science, technology and business skills you need to thrive in agribusiness. This course provides a unique opportunity to understand both science and business as applied to agriculture.

To satisfy the growing demand for food worldwide, we need smarter ways of producing crops and resources using sustainable production methods, innovation and responsible entrepreneurship – exactly what this practical course is about. It will provide you with a solid grounding in basic biology and you will also study new technologies, including precision agriculture using satellite-based imagery for measuring crop and pasture growth and soil variability, remote sensing, remote management of crops and pastures, and tracking systems for livestock.

Your study will have a strong focus on broad acre crops and livestock production systems of Mediterranean climates, and low-rainfall environments in western and southern parts of Australia.

Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture