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Be a part of Know-How Exchange 2019 now!!!!!!!!!!!

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
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The Know-how Exchange Program (KEF)co-finances the transfer of know-how and best practices from EU to non-EU member countries of the Central European Initiative (CEI). Thematic areas in the current call by KEP-Italy include energy, environment, and agriculture and rural development (among others). Proposals are submitted by organizations in CEI member states which are also member states of the European Union for knowledge transfers to non-EU member states of the CEI. Launched in 2004, the KEP is a development instrument aimed at supporting transfer of experience and expertise from organisations in the EU to peers in the non‐EU countries within the CEI region. The rationale of the Programme is based on the assumption that the economic development in non‐EU countries can be strengthened through the transfer of best practices and benchmarks already in place in more advanced economies. 

By co‐financing capacity building and technical assistance projects, the KEP offers grants to institutions willing to share their experience with their partners in the non‐EU CEI Member States, thus helping non-members to advance on their path towards EU standards and policies. The KEP focuses on areas of intervention where EU CEI countries demonstrate strong‐rooted experience, and where beneficiary states exhibit the strongest need for assistance.

Any project proposal awarded under this Call for Proposals shall fully satisfy all the following eligibility criteria:

  •  Compliance of project objectives.
  •  Eligibility of applicants.  
  •  Eligibility of beneficiaries.
  •  Eligibility of project activities.
  •  Eligibility of costs and CEI grant ceiling
 Be a part of Know-How Exchange 2019 now!!!!!!!!!!!