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The Drilling Course - Developing Groundwater

RedR UK, Cranfield University
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


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Are you a development or humanitarian water engineer who needs to know more about hydrogeology? Have you come back from the field, wishing you knew more about how to manage well siting, drilling rigs and drilling programmes? Is hydrogeology part of your job but you would like more of a practical understanding? Led by renowned specialists, this course aims to develop knowledge of groundwater, water well siting, well design and drilling supervision. This is an intensive and highly practical course providing as much hands-on experience as possible over the course of 4 days. The course is mainly intended for water engineers and managers.

Course structure

The course will be run in the field over 4 days including 2.5 days of practical hands on experience of well siting, drilling supervision, pumping tests and water quality sampling, and 1.5 workshop days covering groundwater theory, well siting, borehole design and pumping test data analysis to put this practical experience into context.

Practical sessions including:

  • Introduction to Hydrogeology and the Task for the Course
  • Group Desk Study / Assessment of Drilling Site
  • Geological and Hydrogeological Appraisal in the Field
  • Electrical Geophysical Surveying Methods
  • Drilling Supervision Briefing for Day 2
The Drilling Course - Developing Groundwater