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​E-learning can be an easy and very accessible way to improve knowledge, education, capabilities and skills, thus building capacities and making for a more effective UNCCD implementation.

There are many bodies including International Organizations,Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s), universities and other learning institutions offering possibilities for capacity building through the use of various e-learning modules. Some of these e-learning modules concern learning and educational opportunities offered completely online. Others are a bit more conventional where they are partly given online.

UNCCD e-learning courses

The UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace offers various e-learning courses, aimed at broadening your capacity, and helping you develop your knowledge and expertise on various topics related to the efficacious implementation of the UNCCD.

All courses developed by the Capacity Building Marketplace are available online, free of charge.


Other E-learning courses offered on the Capacity Building Marketplace

There are many e-learning opportunities available, developed by Universities, NGOs and other organizations, that can contribute directly and indirectly to capacity building, supporting the implementation of the Convention. 

Now check out the latest opportunities on offer, you might just find what you are looking for!

On the Capacity Building Marketplace we list all the courses known to us. Do you know a course, or have you developed an e-learning course that you want to be added here? Let us know by filling out the form: Add your courses to the Marketplace

The secretariat is only responsible for those modules it has developed. The others are provided here as part of the effort to support networking in capacity building. The creators of the e-course are therefore responsible for their content. This information is constantly updated so that the latest courses in relevant areas are always accessible.