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As part of the efforts of the UNCCD – Capacity Building Marketplace to fulfil the given mandate, we have decided to create this new CBM E-Learning Platform for Capacity Building. This E-Learning Platform provides you access to relevant skills and abilities through training and education, so that you can actively play your part in the implementation of the Convention.

This E-Learning Platform fulfils its mission through the provision different tools and avenues, including E-Learning Courses on the UNCCD and the United Nations in general and that we have developed over the years. There are also materials from training sessions, seminars and workshops that we have done. In short, this E-Learning Platform is focussed specifically on training, offering the skills and knowledge that you need.

We do hope that you would find using this Platform and interesting experience, and that through it you will get some of the skills and other capacities that will allow you to effectively participate in the implementation process.

So welcome to our new CBM E-Learning Platform for Capacity Building! Enjoy!