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Earth Sciences

University of Amsterdam
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Global change, the increasing demand for scarce resources and the degradation and pollution of landscape, soil and water means that we need skilled professionals of earth sciences now more than ever. Professionals who understand the earth as a complex system and are able to lead the way towards a more sustainable future.

What you can expect from Earth Sciences at the UvA

With us, you will study in an inspiring environment where scientists work in a stimulating interdisciplinary setting on the cutting edge between physical geography, ecology, hydrology and environmental chemistry.

In the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) we offer you a wide range of brand new and state of the art facilities (e-science labs including GIS, remote sensing and geo-ecological modelling, soil- and environmental chemistry and erosion labs) to enable you to let your course work meet the latest scientific standards.

Why study Earth Sciences?

  • You have an inquisitive mind and like the challenge of finding solutions for the complex environmental issues that are facing our changing planet.
  • You wish to acquire in-depth insight on the functioning of environmental processes affecting our planet, and to use this to challenge existing knowledge and contribute to practical solutions and applications.
  • You are eager to combine a scientific interest in earth sciences with related fields in ecology, hydrology, environmental chemistry and human impact studies to understand their complex interaction, which is required to address the global, regional and local processes.
  • You have a quantitative attitude, and are eager to learn, use and apply state of the art analytical methods which can include and combine e-science based techniques, advanced laboratory techniques and field measurement techniques.
  • You want to become part of inspiring research projects, in both national and international settings.
Earth Sciences