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Korea, Republic of
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Forest Center 4th floor, 5, Seongmisan-ro 11-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

EcoPeace Asia was established on 12 March 2009 to promote peace and restoration of ecological systems in Asia. EcoPeace Asia aims to promote: Increased participation of citizens of each country with numerous volunteer programs and more effective collaboration among Asian countries to achieve our vision of peaceful coexistence as a single community. As a first step they have identified three areas, which are listed below: Planting grass and building green barriers to stop desertification in China and in Mongolia, Restoring Mangrove forests in coastal areas extending from the Southern coast of China to the Red Sea of the Middle East. and Accelerated dissemination of renewable energy technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to prevent climate change. They plan to tackle the three areas by research, education and public relations programs by collaborating with government of Asian countries, societies, and academia.