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Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust wants to fund you.

Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust
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EKCT aims to ‘make a difference’. The trustees will consider all applications that fall within the trust’s area of activity from charities that are registered in the UK.

Principal support is given to charities working in the following areas:

  1. Charitable work in the County of Sussex;
  2. Wildlife & Environmental Conservation (UK and International);
  3. Reproductive Health (International) – applications within this category will only be considered for family planning projects delivering in Africa and Asia, and preferably in areas where there is clear impact on the environment.

Grants will be considered for start-up costs, core costs or for a specific project for which applicants have requested support. This could include a contribution towards a building/refurbishment project, purchase of specialist equipment or other similar capital expenditure, or assistance with running costs.

The trustees should be satisfied with the purpose and objectives of the charity, and that they are able to deliver a superior/pre-eminent service. The trustees should have confidence in the management of the charity and therefore be satisfied as to its quality, efficiency, financial stability and income/expense ratio.

 The international grants are primarily for conservation projects in the developing world. Applicants may request medium grants (up to £10 thousand) and large grants (over £10 thousand). The Trust offers two applications windows for large grants.

Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust wants to fund you.