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Faces behind the Capacity Building Marketplace

The Capacity Building Marketplace (CBM) Team comprises a young, multi-cultural, dynamic and innovative roster, which believes that standing up for environmental action towards Sustainable Development follows the principle 'For PEOPLE, By PEOPLE'.


These are the present faces behind the Capacity Building Marketplace, listing (pictures) from left to right:

  • Dr. Richard A. Byron-Cox - Action Programme Alignment & Capacity Building Officer;
  • Jorge Sanz Fernández - Consultant;
  • Loretta Adowaa Asare - Intern;
  • Jairo Alonso Mosquera Lozano - Intern;
  • Paul Martin-Gousset - Intern;
  • Ali Zain Kara - Intern;
  • Lilia Maximova - Intern;


These are some of the immediate past CBM members; listing from left to right:

  • J. Daniel González Carmena - Consultant;
  • Jijo Karthikeyan - Consultant;
  • Eloi Mauri Pou - Consultant;
  • Raissa Tadia - Intern;
  • Ines Belhous - Intern;
  • Lina María Pérez González - Intern;
  • Anna Berecz - Intern;
  • Naa Kwaduah Quarcoo - Intern;
  • Cory Gregg - Intern;
  • Dimitrios Karatassios - Intern;
  • Raluca Ionita - Intern;
  • Philip Kendekka Sinyan - Intern;
  • Clementine Basuyau - Intern;
  • Chethana Mohan Gotla - Intern;
  • Maria Ruiz Santiago - Intern.

For further information about what the CBM does or any inquiry you might have, feel free to contact us on the following channels:

E-mail address: cbm [at], or rbyroncox [at]

Phone Number: +49 228 8152859

Or keep yourself updated on our different CBM Social Media Platforms.

Most sincerely,

Your CBM Team