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The Southern Ocean (SO) is one of the most important and poorly understood components of the global carbon cycle that profoundly shapes Earth’s climate. It is the primary hot spot for the oceanic sink of anthropogenic CO2, having captured half of all human-related carbon that has entered the ocean to date. 

Many of these climate feedbacks are poorly understood and quantified, yet evidence from our planet’s past global climatic transitions (e.g. the end of the last glacial period) suggests that they can induce changes in atmospheric CO2 as large as those caused by human activities since the industrial revolution . As the focus of major knowledge gaps and a central player in global carbon and climate dynamics, the SO carbon system is regularly singled out as the ‘Achilles heel’ of the Earth system models upon which humankind relies to understand contemporary climate change, predict its future evolution, and define international climate policy.

Proposals are invited to address Challenge 3 of the Role of the Southern Ocean in the Earth System research programme. The outcome of this Research Programme will be the provision of the scientific basis to inform international climate policy on the role of the Southern Ocean carbon system in 21st century climate change. It is expected that this announcement will lead to the funding of 2 proposals that address Challenge 3 of the programme. Up to £650k is available for this call.

Get funds  for your Climate Change Research.