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British Ecological Society.
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We were established in 1913 and we have been fostering the science of ecology ever since. We have 6,000 members around the world and bring people together across regional, national and global scales to advance ecological science. Membership is open to anyone, anywhere.

Our vision is for a world inspired, informed and influenced by ecology. We rely on the commitment of hundreds of volunteers to help us.Ecology helps us understand how the world works. It provides useful evidence on the interdependence between people and the natural world and, as well the consequences of human activity on the environment.

We define ecology as the scientific study of the distribution, abundance and dynamics of organisms, their interactions with other organisms and their physical environment. Applications should promote and engage the public with the science of ecology. Grants will not be awarded for purely nature conservation purposes or any activity that does not promote the science of ecology.

Awards are open to individuals and organisations to organise ecological public engagement events. This includes, but is not limited to, our members, researchers, schools, museums, libraries and community groups.

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