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Get funds for your Research on Risk Management

AXA Research Fund
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The AXA Research Fund was born in 2007 out of the belief that science has a crucial role in responding to the most important issues facing our planet. AXA's scientific philanthropy initiative is committed to supporting science, contributing to societal progress and encouraging researchers to share their work with the larger public. The AXA Research Fund supports projects in the areas of Health, Environment, New Tech and Socio-Economics.

The AXA Chair is the premium funding scheme of the AXA Research Fund. It aims at :

  • creating a dedicated full-time senior academic position in an institution;
  • supporting a significant acceleration in the development of a research field;
  • fostering a step-change in the career of the appointed AXA Professor.

The prospective Chairholder is expected to be at least PhD + 10 years minimum, to be of the highest caliber and should have demonstrated outstanding research achievements.The research program should demonstrate its scientific originality and innovative nature.Host Institutions can submit only one candidate for the whole institution (and not one per department, faculty or laboratory).

Get funds for your Research on Risk Management