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Grants! Grants!! Get a grant to fund your project in biodiversity.

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The intersection of climate change and biodiversity is a point of the utmost importance for the future of humanity. Biodiversity is especially sensitive to climate change after 10,000 years of adjusting to a stable climate. The finger prints of climate change can be seen anywhere one looks in nature.Natural ecosystems can help people  particularly the poor in rural and urban areas adapt to changes in our climate. Sustainably managed rivers, aquifers and floodplains can help ensure water supplies and regulate flooding. Healthy coastal ecosystems such as mangroves and wetlands temper the impact of storms. 

Our grantees' actions yield valuable contributions to the achievement of international goals related to the environment, poverty and sustainable development. With this in mind,applicants will receive US$244,458 to fund their projects.The project must also support at least one strategic direction outlined in the CEPF ecosystem profile and must be located within a biodiversity hotspot where CEPF currently works.Apply while offer last.

Grants Grants!!!!! Get a grant to your project in biodiversity.