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Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) and the Food Security Center (FSC) of the University of Hohenheim in Germany


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Global population is expected to surpass 9 billion by 2050. But resource constraints(land, water, etc.) and the changing climate is reducing farm productivity. These put much pressure for transformative changes to agriculture and food systems to meet the second Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 2) of ending hunger, achieving food security and promoting sustainable agriculture by 2030. This Summer School will consider advances in technology and discuss three pathways for how changes in food and agriculture systems could contribute to meeting SDG 2.

The following modules will be organized:

  • Module 1 : Precision Agriculture. This module will discuss farm management that uses information technology applications such as GPS-guided control systems, sensors and remote sensing technology to make production more efficient, profitable and sustainable, while protecting the environment.
  • Module 2 : Vertical and Urban Farming. The rapid growth of cities and diminishing arable land gave rise to vertical farming as an ingenious method to produce food. While vertical farms save considerable space and soil, it also lowers water requirements and is seen as more sustainable. This module will look into vertical farming innovation systems like the use of hydroponics and plant towers
  • Module 3 : Edible Insects - The Future of Food. While people used to eat insects because of its palatability and its established place in local food culture, consuming insects has become more relevant with the increasing demand for protein and for food security and environmental concerns. Insects are highly nutritious with protein, vitamin, fiber, and mineral content.

Motivated PhD students from Africa, Asia and Latin America must fill up the online form to apply to the FSC Summer School.

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