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Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for nature conservation


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Register to attend the International Conference on the Challenges and opportunities in multifunctional management of grasslands.

Conservation of biodiversity in an agricultural landscape is one of the key environmental challenges. In Europe, we have been faced with the decline in biodiversity in the agricultural landscape, for decades now. Extensive grasslands are one of the most endangered ecosystems in Europe, as their existence is dependent upon sustainable, moderate land use. At the same time, these are one of the most diverse areas, but unfortunately, their value is often overseen.

The aim of the international conference is to:

  • Promote the long-term multifunctional use of grasslands;
  • Create a network of experts and the exchange of experience and knowledge in multifunctional management of grasslands;
  • Highlight all the challenges of modern agricultural practices;
  • Present grasslands potentials in the context of product production and promotion of tourism;
  • Support active sustainable farming to preserve the biodiversity of grasslands.

The International Conference will be held at the Grand Hotel Primus, in Slovenian oldest city – Ptuj.

Life to Grasslands