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Hurry up & Join the Future for Nature Award 2020

Future For Nature Foundation (FFN)
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The Future For Nature Foundation (FFN) supports young, talented, and ambitious nature conservationists committed to protecting species of wild animals and plants. We believe in the power of the individual. Therefore, we select a new generation of nature conservationists worldwide who we believe make the difference for the future of nature. Natural leaders who inspire and with their drive and ‘stubbornness’ achieve impressive results. Annually, we put three of these promising young people in the spotlight.

The Future for Nature Award aims to stimulate a new generation of nature conservation leaders. The award is made to candidates of any nationality or residence, not older than age 35, who have achieved substantial and long-term benefit to the conservation status of one or more animal and/or plant species, or that of a specific population. Work related to the conservation and protection of endangered species is a priority. The award is made to individuals, not organizations. Each of three award winners will be given a cash prize and a sculpture. The winners are expected to invest their prize of €50 thousand in a conservation project of their own choice.

We aim to continuously support the FFN Award winners in their work, network, and capabilities so they can perform their work effectively, thereby boosting their impact on the future of nature.

Hurry up & join the Future for Nature Award 2020