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An Inspiring Day for the Students of St. George’s International School

On Thursday the 12th of July, the UNCCD Secretariat, represented by its Capacity Building Marketplace Team (UNCCD-CBM), had the great pleasure of hosting three students from St. George’s International School of Cologne and their accompanying teacher Mr. Stephen Ryan (Head of Upper School).



Their first call was on Dr. Richard A. Byron-Cox, Head of the CBM. This was followed by calls on and exchanges with several senior officials of the UNCCD including Mr. Pradeep Monga, UNCCD’s Deputy Executive Secretary, and Mr. Johns Muleso Kharika, Chief of Science, Technology and Implementation Unit. They were taken on an interesting tour through the UNCCD vast library collection by Ms. Katya Arapnakova, UNCCD librarian; and paid visits to the Secretariat of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), the offices of UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre, the UNU (United Nation University) and the Headquarters of the UNV (United Nation Volunteers).




The students were exposed to the day-today operations of the CBM and given the opportunity to work along with members of its Team doing specific tasks such as creating content for the online platform. The CBM Team explained to them how some of the CBM operations are done including the managing of our social media accounts and the implementation of some of the many projects undertaken by the Team. And, they were shown how they may be able to use the Marketplace as regards accessing opportunities offered around the world.



The visit to the UNFCCC afforded the students the chance to have an appreciation of the importance of the work of that organization, its history and its overall aims and objectives. It was impressed upon the visitors that the building was being run completely on solar energy.



During their visit to the offices of UNESCO-UNEVOC the students had the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the crucial work this organization does in the area of  promoting learning for the world of work. Here, they were told of the added advantage of this agency’s work as regards the training of young people. They also had the honor of meeting the Head of Office of this agency, Dr. Shyamal Majumdar.

A visit was also made to the offices of the United Nations University. They were informed of the contribution of the UNU to international development through its work in research, education, and other fields.

The last destination of the St. George’s students day at the UN was to the offices of the UNV (United Nation Volunteers). Our guests were introduced to the Volunteers’ programme, which contributes to and works for global peace and development through volunteerism worldwide. Focus was placed on youths and volunteerism as a one important way of tackling many of the challenges humanity faces today.




The visit ended with the students and their teacher having a casual closing session to the day. This involved all the interns and consultants of the UNCCD. Once more the students and their teacher had the chance to ask questions and freely interact with these members of the UNCCD staff.

This visit was organized under the auspices of Dr. Richard A. Byron-Cox, Head of the Capacity Building Marketplace Team with interns, Philip Kendekka Sinyan and Dimitrios Karatassios taking on the responsibility of managing and implementing the day’s programme.


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