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Nagao Natural Environment Foundation wants to support Young Scientists

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The Nagao Natural Environment Foundation (NEF) has launched the NEF Commemorative Grant Fund for Capacity Building of Young Scientists (CGF) Programme, for a 10-year period up to 2025, aiming at capacity building of young scientists in developing countries of the Asia-Pacific region; both of the CGF Programme and the ongoing Research Grant Programme (under the NEF Research Grant Scheme) will be simultaneously progressed. The CGF Programme is directed towards helping young scientists in this region grow up as world class scientists in the areas of, or related to, conservation of wildlife and ecosystem in their own country or in the Asia-Pacific region.

In this programme, research projects with high priority include fieldwork-based studies which are scientifically outstanding and socioculturally sound. Each project should be implemented by a project scientist (PS) from Asia-Pacific developing countries, with adequate support of, and collaboration with, a project coordinator (PC), who has excellent scientific achievements and intends to take responsibilities for the research project.

The Project Scientist (PS) must:

1) be a national of one of the above-mentioned countries, less than 40 years old,

2) be a researcher, who works or studies full-time in a university or research institution in one of the above-mentioned countries, under any of the following three situations:

  • having a PhD or Doctor’s degree;
  • being/to be enrolled in a doctor (PhD) course of the university/research institution or; 
  • having at least 3 years of research work experience and sound record of scholarly publications.

The maximum grant size is 1.5 million Japanese yen per project.Young researchers (under 40 years old) can submit fieldwork based projects in the areas of biology; biodiversity; wildlife and restoration of ecosystems; and relationships between nature and humans.

Nagao Natural Environment Foundation wants to support for Young Scientists