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National Agriculture and Climate Change Valuation Specialist

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
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The National Agriculture and Climate Change Valuation Specialist will be under the overall guidance of the FAO Representative and Assistant FAO Representative (Programme), direct supervision of the National Project Development and Coordination Specialist and PU Socio-Economic & DRR, CCA and ENR/ Forestry Team Leader, day to day guidance of the National Disaster Risk Reduction & Management and Climate Change Specialist, and technical direction of the Lead Technical Officer (LTO) of FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP).

Tasks and responsibilities

The National Agriculture and Climate Change Valuation Specialist will carry out the following tasks:

  • Lead in development of a valuation report on public and private investment costs and opportunities associated with the adoption of the Philippines’ agriculture NDC options. This will involve, among others:
    • Defining scope of the agriculture options to be studied;
    • Review of existing reports and studies relating to the agriculture options;
    • Quantification of adoption costs to government (public) and farmers (private);
    • Quantification of climate change adaptation benefits (where possible, in terms of health, employment, income generation, community business opportunities, reduction in water use, increase and income, and impacts to soils);
    • Cost-Benefit analysis (CBA);
  • Lead in the preparation of the excel based worksheets, databases, and economic model, as part of the process of the valuation study, with the view of turning over these materials to government. He/she must work in close coordination with the mitigation modelling experts of the project to align scope and data requirements.
  • Undertake data collection, meetings, consultations, interviews, workshops, with the agriculture agencies as required to complete the assignment;
  • Coordinate with the relevant offices of the Department of Agriculture (DA) and Climate Change Commission (CCC)on all consultation, validation, and presentation activities necessary to the assignment;
  • Conduct coaching session for knowledge transfer to selected personnel of the partner government agencies;
  • Carry out any other relevant duties within her technical competence as may be requested by FAO.

Minimum Requirements

  • The candidate must have an advanced degree in agriculture, environmental, or development economics, or related fields;
  • At least five (5) years of work experience dealing with economic valuation for the agriculture, fisheries, forestry, and ENR sectors, preferably in organizations or projects related to climate change adaptation and mitigation;
  • A national of the Philippines or resident in the Philippines with a regular work permit.
  • Familiar with the issues concerning the agriculture and fisheries sector of the Philippines
  • General knowledge and skills in the use of standard office software, such as MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) 
National Agriculture and Climate Change Valuation Specialist