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National Specialist on Climate Change Adaptation Areas of Lao PDR

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Lao People's Democratic Republic


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The FAO Asia Pacific Regional Evaluation Specialist is responsible for a range of evaluations undertaken in the region, with a major focus on GEF project evaluations. This role is supported by the Office of Evaluation (OED) in headquarters. Evaluation in FAO provides accountability for results to member countries and FAO’s Director-General, and the evidence base to guide their decision making and oversight.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Draft and complete an Inception report.
  • Develop the evaluation design, methodology and tools.
  • Participate in field missions (if feasible) and/or briefings and debriefings.
  • Conduct data collection and analysis. 
  • Deliver a formal debrief to key stakeholders on the evaluation findings. 
  • Consider feedback and comments from stakeholders whilst revising evaluation report drafts.
  • Produce a final evaluation report. 
  • Produce an Evaluation Brief – a short summary of key evaluation learning suitable for a broad audience.

Minimum Requirements    

  • University degree in Agriculture
  • Working knowledge English. 
  • 05 Years of experience and in Agriculture and Climate Adaptation
  • Nationality of Lao or resident in the country with a regular work permit.

Technical/Functional Skills 

  • Native freshwater fisheries
  • Wetland management
  • Associated disciplines such as livestock, food security and nutrition, or eco-tourism
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Considerable experience of Lao PDR wetlands contexts, community and institutional conditions, programming and policy country context
National Specialist on Climate Change Adaptation Areas of Lao PDR