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Discover beautiful Africa as you gain practical experience in NGO/Charity operations and community development on this exciting internship with our charity, The African Impact Foundation.

African Impact is proud to partner with The African Impact Foundation. As a registered charity, the Foundation is behind many of the projects that we support throughout Africa. They are looking for enthusiastic interns who want to immerse themselves within vibrant African cultures whilst making a difference at a grassroots level. The practical experience gained within this award-winning NGO is a fantastic opportunity to bolster your resume while making a tangible impact in Africa. Customized to every individual, the tailor-made nature of the internship ensures that your skills and interests are utilized to optimize your impact.

About the Destination

As an intern, not only will you be able to immerse yourself in African cultures and experiences while building your resume, but you will also be placed at locations thriving with travel and adventure opportunities. You will stay in a fully furnished house situated in the location of your internship. Whilst all bedding is provided, you will need to bring your own towels.Typically you will be staying alongside African Impact volunteers, which will afford you the opportunity to meet likeminded people from all over the world. The joint accommodation also serves as a great place for gatherings like barbecues, social events, game and quiz nights. You will be provided with three meals a day.

Each destination brings its unique attributes – both cultural, linguistic and natural beauty.  South Africa is known as the rainbow nation and has 11 official languages and the locations where you will be interning you will be exposed to at least 6 of these!

In Cape Town you see the seventh natural wonder of the world, Table Mountain,  from every angle…while no mountain range compares to the majesty found in Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

In St. Lucia, you get to watch the mighty snap of the Hippo and work in a local Zulu village, where in Kruger you are entirely surrounded by the African Big 5.

Fancy the Victoria Falls in Livingstone  or  monitoring the behavior of dolphins in Zanzibar? We have it all! Not only is the internship program with AIF a great opportunity for you to gain valuable work experience in the Non-Governmental Organisation sector, it is also an unforgettable and deeply enriching time and a chance to immerse yourself in a new culture in a beautiful location.

NGO Internship