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Partnership for Forests Seeks Ideas Wanted for Innovative Partnerships

Partnerships for Forests
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Partnerships for Forests always looks for new ideas for partnerships that can catalyse investment in forests and sustainable land use. The main focus is on incubating Forest Partnerships that can catalyse private-sector investment in sustainable land-use. The organizations looks to help selected partnerships move through the stages required to get to market – from idea development to business planning, to deal negotiation and piloting, and finally to commercial scale-up. Therefore, they wish to receive proposals from partners, or prospective partners, that not only provide details of their project but also explain the specific support they need in order to progress to the next step towards scale-up.

Partnerships for Forests provides a combination of grants and technical assistance to help selected partnerships move towards commercial scale up. This funding will be provided based on an agreed set of outputs as well as an agreed time period for delivery. If partnerships succeed in delivering these outputs, or if Partnerships for Forests judges the partnership suitable for further support, the project partners may apply for further funding to reach the next stage of maturity.

Partnership for Forests Seeks Ideas Wanted for Innovative Partnerships