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Ph.D. in Environmental Education

Near East University
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The mission of Institute of Educational Sciences is to ensure a collaboration between academic world and society within the framework of university institute activities, to conduct research services, to contribute to improvements in contemporary science and technologies, to contribute to social life and management, and to have a effective role on national and international education and research projects.


  • To develop projects and researches in the necessary fields regarding the matters in the country;
  • To create and collaborate with working groups in several fields and various subjects with regard to Educational Sciences;
  • To make researches that will contribute to understand and explain the social and cultural structure and to contribute to development;
  • To deal with Educational Sciences as a whole and to try to strengthen the ties with the community;
  • To conduct social researches for the benefit of the society and institutions (with profit making organizations and non-profit organizations) and to be in unity and collaboration in education field;
  • To make suggestions by sharing the obtained research results with stakeholders.
Ph.D. in Environmental Education