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PhD: Soil structure and water management

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
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This PhD project is a strategic investment in research on "Agricultural Water Management" to contribute new knowledge in the area of water management in productive farming systems facing current and future climate variability. The aim of this research project is to study soil structure and soil physical characteristics that may be changed due to changing climate, in particularly precipitation patterns and temperature increases. It should increase insights in potential impacts on soil water flow and soil water storage for crop accessibility in the unsaturated zone of agricultural soils. Important soil water aspects may include infiltration capacity, conductivity, water holding capacity and crop water uptake potential, and processes related to nutrient leaking and soil erosion in agricultural landscapes. The research from this PhD is expected to contribute new knowledge to inform physical aspects in soil data, and to improve understanding on the solutions needed to meet climate, soils and water resource changes in Swedish farming systems. Research activities can include field and laboratory studies, as well as data management and modelling of climate, soil physical and agro-hydrological aspects of agricultural landscapes. The PhD position in the Department of Soil and Environment, SLU Uppsala.

PhD: Soil structure and water management in agricultural soils in a changing climate