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PhD Studentship in: Evaluating the Public Health Risks of Urban Flooding Events

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Urban flood waters have been shown to contain a number of pollutants including microorganisms which pose a public health risk. The scale of this risk is increasing since extreme weather events and flooding have become heavier and more frequent due to the climate crisis.

This project will develop a more detailed understanding of the behaviour of microbes in floodwaters, and seek to use this understanding to develop state of the art modelling tools for risk assessment. This will involve novel large scale laboratory experiments to better understand dispersion and transport of pathogens within urban floodwaters and across the water/ground interface and determine the influence of environmental factors such as temperature and red-ox potential on microbial concentration and survival on a range of urban surfaces.

The PhD will benefit from access to world class training available from the Sheffield Water Centre and the University of Sheffield, access to world leading experimental and computational facilities as well as close and regular contact with industry and end user partners.  Resources are also available for international collaboration and conference attendance.

It is recognised that candidates are unlikely to have all the skills required to complete the PhD on project commencement. The primary essential section criteria are therefore the ability and willingness to learn new skills and techniques, alongside a strong first degree in a relevant subject area.

PhD Studentship in: Evaluating the Public Health Risks of Urban Flooding Events