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Postdoc: Narratives on environmental change in the High Arctic

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
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This PostDoc opportunity is part of a Belmont Arctic Resilience-funded international project, named SVALUR, with partners from the USA, Norway, the Netherlands, and Sweden. SVALUR aims at advancing resilience building and adaptation in one geopolitical region of the High Arctic – Svalbard, by complementing current environmental monitoring programmes with mapping the lived experiences of environmental change through narrative and qualitative approaches. People living, working in and exploring parts of the Arctic develop an environmental understanding that is multifaceted, complex, and relational. However, compared with scientific monitoring, such knowledge is rarely utilized. Monitoring programmes that capture environmental change are important and receive well-earned attention, but such initiatives typically focus on highly specific parameters and mostly cover relatively short periods of time. In order to generate holistic knowledge that is better equipped at informing agencies in Arctic areas subject to rapid environmental change, there is a need to systematically map and listen to peoples’ narratives about change in the High Arctic.

The Postdoctoral researcher will take the lead in developing methods and capturing detailed understanding of environmental change experienced by people living, working and/or exploring different parts of Svalbard through e.g. in-depth interviews, story-telling, document analysis, and web-based story mapping. These findings will allow the candidate to document and provide valuable, holistic insights into long-term environmental change whilst at the same time pinpointing how current monitoring programmes can become more sensitive to people’s lived experiences and optimize their relevance to people living in and visiting the Arctic. 

Postdoc: Narratives on environmental change in the High Arctic