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Prince Claus Fund is ready to fund your Environmental Change Project.

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Alarming changes in nature and our environment are all around us: forests and wildlife are disappearing; air and oceans are increasingly polluted; sea levels are rising; and the frequency of extreme weather phenomena is increasing. While causes and consequences are being hotly debated by politicians, scientists and the broader public, the most affected people are often those who are least able to stop the process.

Cultural practitioners, artists, architects and designers in many parts of the world are initiating projects, exchanging ideas and rethinking responses to environmental change, while actively engaging their communities.We are specifically looking to support initiatives that:

  • Employ new media to re-imagine a more sustainable world, and provide space for different perspectives within the sustainability discussion;
  • Promote the inclusion of women and minority groups;
  • Support concrete cultural initiatives that enable local impact while encouraging a global exchange on culture of sustainability and climate justice.

With this call for proposals we would like to invite artists and cultural practitioners to envision a future for our planet that is more environmentally friendly , and to propose their cultural/artistic responses to how we can jointly get there. We would like to challenge all interested in this call to create innovative concepts that link artistic cultural engagement to environmental sustainability and climate justice

Prince Claus Fund is ready to fund your Environmental Change Project.