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Project Coordinator in Lesotho

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
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The Government of Lesotho is implementing a five year (2015-2020) project “Reducing Vulnerability from Climate Change in Foothills, Lower Lowlands and Senqu River Basin” through the UNDP Country Office with funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The premise of the project is that communities and ecosystems are increasingly becoming exposed to damaging impacts of climate change, which is  affecting ecosystem services that support most people in Lesotho, their livelihoods and also  a range of global benefits to the region. In order to alleviate this challenge, this project is  addressing the problems of land degradation, poverty and vulnerability of the Basotho to climate change in the Foothills, Lowlands and the Lower Senqu River Basin.

Key functions, among others:

  • Oversee and manage project implementation including monitoring work progress and ensuring that project activities conform to the approved project document and timely delivery of outputs;
  • Lead, supervise, coordinate and facilitate the work of the project staff, national focal point and technical unit (including national and international consultants);
  • Act as liaison between stakeholders from various institutions including line ministries, civil society s, academic institutions, communities and the private sector.
Project Coordinator in Lesotho