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Climate change is an urgent issue with far-reaching effects that are already happening.  While public awareness about climate change has increased, there is a need to do more to highlight the impact of climate change on the health and economic status of already vulnerable populations.

Strong stories can help keep this issue at the forefront of the public conversation as critical decisions are being made by policymakers, businesses and communities about how to best protect against and mitigate the effects of climate change  To that end, we are looking for projects that provide new perspectives on climate change. More specifically, we are interested in stories that highlight how climate change exacerbates economic inequality and health disparities. We seek projects that have a unique power to inspire, educate and mobilize diverse audiences. 

Are you working on a media project that can deepen understanding of the effects of climate change on individuals, families and communities?  Will this project be complete and ready to launch in the next 6 months? Are you looking for outreach and engagement funding to maximize the impact of your work? If so, we want to hear from you. 

We will award 3-5 outreach and engagement grants that range from $15K to $25K and will give priority to projects that are well positioned to make an impact quickly.   We welcome both short-form and long-form documentary films and are open to others forms of non-fiction storytelling. In all cases, we will look for a solid plan to reach key audiences and engage them around climate change through the lens of public health and economic justice.

Receive Funding for your Documentary Film Projects