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Successful projects, collaborations and business advisory services not only assist smallholder farmers and agri-entrepreneurs in making substantial and sustainable profit, they also assist them in doing it more efficiently. Preparing Farmers and agri-entrepreneurs for a successful future beyond the terms of a contract, project or collaboration is not always easy. This course gives you the knowledge and tools to make real impact and develop longterm business relationships. 

Welcome to our 'Making Agribusiness Work' course, which will help you to contribute to local entrepreneurial development and food security. Over the years, iCRA experienced that many business advisory services and organisations find it hard to attract new clients and projects. They need to invest a lot of time in search for new funding, while they rather use that time to support small-scale producers and processors and doing the work they love and do best.

The course will provide you with concrete skills that you may immediately apply in your work: 

  • You will learn how to build trust to establish sustainable business relationships among farmers, agri-entrepreneurs, lenders, and input and service providers;
  • You will improve your negotiation skills and this will make you more confident in helping farmers, agri-entrepreneurs etc.. to draft contracts, and pave the way for better business deals;
  • You will get practical tips on how to secure a stable flow of income for your support services.
Register to join the International course on Making Agribusiness Work