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Submit your proposal on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction.

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UN Women supports UN Member States as they set global standards for achieving gender equality, and works with governments and civil society to design laws, policies, programmes and services needed to ensure that the standards are effectively implemented and truly benefit women and girls worldwide. It works globally to make the vision of the Sustainable development goals, a reality for women and girls and stands behind women’s equal participation in all aspects of life.

The Asia Pacific region is one of the most vulnerable to climate change impacts and disasters in the world. According to the World Risk Report1 , 10 out of the 15 most at risk countries are located in this region. Asia and the Pacific accounts for over 90 per cent of all global deaths from disasters, where 70 per cent of the disasters are climate related. While climate change will spare no one, evidence shows that the infringement of human rights as a consequence of climate change is not equally distributed. Certain social groups within the region experience more severe impacts than others.

UNWOMEN invites qualified parties to submit Technical and Financial Proposals to provide services associated with the UNWOMEN requirement for Responsible Party.

  •  A description of the services required is described in CFP Section 4 -Terms of Reference.
  •  UNWOMEN may, at its discretion, cancel the services in part or in whole.
  • Proponents may withdraw the proposal after submission, provided that written notice of withdrawal is received by UNWOMEN prior to the deadline prescribed for submission of proposals. No proposal may be modified subsequent to the deadline for submission of proposal. No proposal may be withdrawn in the interval between the deadline for submission of proposals and the expiration of the period of proposal validity.

Hurry up and submit your proposal to help in achieving this goal.

Submit your proposal on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction.