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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research
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An Asia-Pacific region that is successfully addressing the challenges of global change and sustainability.The mission of APN is to enable investigations of changes in the Earth’s life support systems and their implications for sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region through support for research and science-based response strategies and measures, effective linkages between science and policy, and scientific capacity development.

The APN invites proposals under the Collaborative Regional Research Programme (CRRP) and the Capacity Development Programme (CAPaBLE) for funding from September 2020. A limited amount of financial support is available for regional research and capacity development activities that fall within its areas of interest.

APN invites trans- and interdisciplinary research and capacity development proposals that reflect the following themes:

  • Climate change and climate variability and their related impacts (climate projections/downscaling, extreme events, DRR, monsoon, etc.);
  • Ecosystem-based adaptation and disaster risk reduction;
  • Smart agriculture (resource allocation, livestock, food, technology transfer, innovation, extension, etc.);
  • Transboundary issues (pollution, water quality, human health, fisheries and microplastics, invasive species, waste management, etc.);
  • Transition towards a sustainable future;
  • Water, food and energy security and many others. 

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Submit your Proposal for Global Change Research Program