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Training Course in International Forestry and Global Issue

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)
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International Forestry and Global Issue (IFGI-2020) is designed for PhD students, young researchers, and master students working in different areas of forest sciences (from biology, ecology, to social sciences) as well as those who specialize in international and global issues related to biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation, and international negotiations around carbon and climate change mitigation.
IFGI will provide a useful background on forest issues at a global scale to support present and future research. The activities will also help improve decision-making skills and provide scientific and credible answers to some questions regarding the international and global issues in forestry.

The course will consist in a 5-day cycle of lectures, discussions, interactive Learning activities, and moderated forums provided by international experts. Participants will also be encouraged to launch discussions and provide arguments during the course. Each day, the summer school will focus on a specific topic concerning global and international issues in forestry. In addition, there will be a one-day field trip to Verdun Forest where participants will both be informed about the weight of history in silviculture and better understand the multi-functionality of forest management.

Target audience: Ph.D. students from any country in the world.

International Forestry and Global Issue (IFGI-2000), a training course offered at Nancy (France)