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The UNCCD - CBM at the UN Day 2019

Last 12th of October 2019, the UNCCD as well as other UN organizations present in Bonn, organised the UN-Day which took place in Bonn’s Marktplatz. This year, the event was held under the theme "Leaving no one behind".

For this event, the UNCCD – Capacity Building Marketplace (UNCCD-CBM) prepared a list of activities designed to engage the general public of all ages:


For the kids, a T-shirt design and a face-painting activity were held.


For the youth, an Instagram photo frame, the Moringa activity and a virtual reality set were provided by the UNCCD.


For all, the Land + Soil Game and an exhibition with all the UNCCD publications were displayed to inform the general public.


Moreover, in order to promote the UN-Day in Bonn, the UNCCD-CBM Team organised a Poster Competition. The competition aims at engaging young people from all over the world to celebrate the UN-Day by designing and creating a poster linking the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the theme of the UN-Day “Leaving no one behind”. You can help us determine the winners of by voting for your favourite poster here.

As a surprise for the early spectators, the UNCCD took to the square, staging a hugely successful Flash-mob to celebrate the UN-Day.


Such events as the UN-Day are extremely exciting as the attendees get a chance to interact with UN staff members, to ask questions and to receive answers. Spreading the word about the UNCCD-CBM work and listening to the ideas people shared was an extremely constructive experience for the UNCCD-CBM Team. We did our best to actively involve the public even before the actual celebration of the UN-Day.

One of our organisers said “It was a great pleasure when many people expressed their genuine interest to participate in the Flash-mob the UNCCD organised. We kept the Flash-mob secret till the moment came to reveal the dance choreographed by our wonderful volunteers. Some of us had to overcome shyness. But, since the energy was great because nothing unites people more than dancing together, in the end, all of us danced with pleasure to the newly launched Land anthem.”


A lot of the attendees had the chance to support the UNCCD-CBM with signs of the SDG15. Among the many visitors who came to support UNCCD-CBM and its work, were the mayor of Bonn, Mr. Ashok Alexander Sridharan, who was challenged to guess the true costs and impacts of production of beef, pork, chicken, eggs and potatoes in our Land + Soil Game; and Shyamal Majumdar, Head of UNESCO-UNEVOC.


The objectives of the UNCCD-CBM at the UN-Day 2019 were to increase engagement through the raising of awareness as regards the role of the UNCCD within the SDGs and Agenda 2030, the importance of Land as a key element in the efforts to achieve  sustainable development and the purpose and activities of the UNCCD - Capacity Building Marketplace, hailed as an exemplary platform made FOR PEOPLE, BY PEOPLE!


Attendees were informed about the UNCCD-CBM exhibitions and events carried out in 2019 as well as how to make use of the Marketplace website in simple steps.

The UNCCD-CBM believes that events of this nature are crucial to engage the general public in supporting the United Nations generally, and indeed the UNCCD in addressing the global environmental challenges we face. This UNCCD exercise has been coordinated by Ms. Katya Arapnakova (UNCCD Librarian), with the participation of different senior UNCCD OfficersUNCCD Interns and the full UNCCD-CBM Team, compose by Dr. Richard A. Byron-Cox (St. Vincent and the Grenadines, UNCCD Innovation, Action Programme Alignment and Capacity Building Officer), Jorge Sanz Fernandez (Spain, UNCCD-CBM Consultant), Loretta Adowaa Asare (Ghana, UNCCD-CBM Intern), Jairo Alonso Mosquera Lozano (Colombia, UNCCD-CBM Intern), Ali Zain Kara (Pakistan, UNCCD-CBM Intern) and Lilia Maximova (Russia, UNCCD-CBM Intern).


For those interested in the full coverage of this event, click the link below to access the full photo gallery:




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