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Vacancy: Drylands Management Coordinator

Sunseed Desert Technology
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Sunseed Desert Technology is an off-grid, non-formal education centre for the transition toward sustainability based in southern Spain. They educate volunteers and interns from around the world on low-impact living and appropriate technologies. Currently the centre seeks for a Drylands Management Coordinator. 

Good management of wastewater is crucial in this semi-arid landscape and the department, together with technical team, is also responsible for maintenance of the project’s wastewater system. The department’s priority is to educate and teach visitors and volunteers about semi-arid environment, its plants and processes, give environmental education, explain geography and ecology of surroundings, teach low-tech methods in Drylands Management.

The key responsibilities for the Drylands Management Coordinator are:

  • Implement and monitor a management plan for land restoration while fighting erosion, drought and restoring vegetal cover of the land;
  • Maintain a low-tech tree nursery, ensuring the appropriate production of trees and shrubs for use in the drylands development;
  • Incorporating volunteers into the work and methodology and development of their own projects to satisfactory completion;
  • Writing and supervising the production of reports, documenting larger projects, preparing projects proposals, producing literature.
Vacancy: Drylands Management Coordinator