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Webinar: Soil Degradation and the SDGs

Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI)
Free of charge


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Soils are key to life on Earth. They help to maintain a balanced climate and ensure sustainable productivity. In the context of the SDGs healthy soils are a major component of sustainable agricultural production if used wisely can support poverty alleviation and ecosystem resilience. However, across the globe long term soil health is often overlooked resulting in increasing rates of land degradation in a relatively short timeframe.

The webinar will look at the drivers of soil degradation. You will:

  • learn about the scale and geographical scope of the various types of soil degradation and their consequences;
  • take a look at how the core functions of soil are broken when degradation occurs and how this can be mapped;
  • see how the impact of the degradation can be manifested economically through reduced yield and revenues for farmers, and how healthy soils can be incentivised; 
  • look at how soil health could be monitored on a wide scale and the potential of remote soil carbon monitoring.

This webinar will present tools, concepts and models related to soil carbon, soil quality and soil degradation to meet sustainable development goals under climate and land use change.


Webinar: Soil Degradation and the SDGs