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World Day To Combat Desertification 2018 at St. George's International School, Cologne

pic 0The Capacity Building Marketplace (CBM) of the Secretariat of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) held a tremendous activity on 15th of June 2018 at St. Georges International School of Cologne, Germany in celebration of World Day to Combat Desertification (WDCD), which is actually commemorated on 17 June every year.  

phil presentsdimi presentsZohreh presentsdani presentsAt this really special event the multicultural and multinational CBM Team compromising of Philip Kendekka Sinyan (Gambian and an alumni of St. George’s International School of Cologne), Daniel Gonzalez Carmena (Spanish), Dimitrios Karatassios (Greek), Nina Louise d’Arco (Italian), Jorge Sanz (Spanish) and Zohre Mousaviun (Iranian) engaged around 100 students between the ages of 14-17 in discussions on inter alia the importance of the WDCD and the purpose and objectives of the UNCCD, and the specific role the CBM plays in the UNCCD process. Central to all of these discussions was the real significance of bio-productive land to life, and how young people can play a very positive part in helping to address the challenges of reducing desertification, land degradation, drought and other land-related issues.

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exhibition ninaexhibition 3

This event about WDCD included an exhibition where the CBM Team informed of the great opportunities and possibilities offered on the Marketplace; invited the students and teachers to ask questions related to capacity building, career opportunities and the like.


The Students of St. George’s were also very interested in the two other activities put on by the CBM during this event. The first was a drawing of dates which afforded three students to spend the day with the CBM Team once they drew June 17. The other allowed them to take photos displaying their own written messages for the WDCD 2018 Campaign (#2018WDCD). Many students expressed their interest in the UNCCD-CBM and the UN in general, and requested contact details through which they could make further enquires.

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For those that are interested in the full coverage of the WDCD Event at St. George’s, you can see the videos of the presentations, pictures and interviews in the link below:

All Videos WDCD2018 at St. GEORGE'S

Photo Exhibition

All pictures from WDCD2018 at St. GEORGE'S

All of the above could not have been achieved without the excellent cooperation and efficacious collaboration of the school’s management. The CBM Team therefore expresses its heartfelt appreciation to the entire St. George’s School. A very special thank you goes out to Mr. Stephen Ryan, Head of the Upper School for facilitating and helping to coordinate this event. A special thank you to all the students who showed interest in and passion for all that was done, and who remained totally engaged throughout the entire exercise.  Additionally, the CBM Team expresses thanks to all who were involved and supported the exercise from the first day of planning to the final execution.

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