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The new Drought Toolbox validation workshop kicks off


Antalya, Turkey – A validation workshop for the UNCCD-led Drought Toolbox brings together representatives of fifteen countries on 2-4 May to test the new interactive platform that will help design effective solutions to reduce the impacts of drought and develop national drought plans. The participants will also discuss relevant tools for drought early warning and monitoring, methods for assessing vulnerability to drought and appropriate measures for reducing drought impacts. The workshop aims to explore options that go beyond the country level and address the drought regionally.

When the skies ran dry


Bonn, Germany – Over the past hundred years, the increase in human populations has been three times greater than during the entire previous history of mankind. More natural resources have been extracted from the earth and more land converted for cities, agriculture, and industry than ever before. On this warming planet, droughts seem to have changed their nature as well, increasing in spatial extent, duration, frequency, and severity.