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About the Drought Toolbox

Requested in The COP 13 as part of the Drought Initiative, the toolbox is being designed to provide drought stakeholders with easy access to tools, case studies and other resources to support the design of National Drought Policy Plan with the aim to boost the resilience of people and ecosystems to drought.

The drought toolbox collates a large number of tools organized in 3 modules.

Drought Monitoring and Early Warning.

Drought Vulnerability and Risk Assessment.

Drought Risk Mitigation Measures.

The Drought Toolbox is currently being developed as part of the Drought Initiative through the close partnership among UNCCD, WMO, FAO, GWP, the Joint Research Centre of the European Union, the National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC) of the University of Nebraska, and UNEP-DHI.

  • Homepage picture: Photo by Patrick Augenstein, copyright UNCCD, 2018