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Frequently asked questions

What is the Drought Toolbox?

The drought toolbox is a web page that provides UNCCD stakeholders easy access to tools, case studies, and other resources to support action on drought preparedness with the aim of boosting the resilience of people and ecosystems to drought. Read more here.

How do I know which tool I need?

The drought toolbox provides tools and solutions organised in three key pillars: monitoring and early warning systems, vulnerability and risk assessment, and risk mitigation. It is recommended to read the Drought Resilience, Adaptation and Management Policy (DRAMP) Framework to find a strategic approach to the search for tools.

How can I use the tools of this drought toolbox?

On each of the three key pillars of the drought toolbox, you will find a page that will explain how to use each of the tools developed in totally by UNCCD or in partnership with other institutions and organizations. Get more information on how to use the tools for pillar one monitoring and early warning systems, pillar two vulnerability and risk assessment, and pillar 3 risk mitigation

What do we mean by a tool?

A range of methods, resources, technical instruments, and guidance documents are labeled as ‘tools’ or ‘solutions’ in this drought toolbox. Many of them are very useful to guide the management and the connection between the environment, water resources, society, and drought.

Where can I find more information about drought? 

Nowadays there are many sources of information on drought. We invite you to look for more information on each of the pillars on the "read more" page for pillar one, pillar two and pillar three. We also invite you to visit our Knowledge Hub page, where you will also find extensive information on the topic.